Lithium battery exported to France

Top Bull Logistics is a professional agent of one-stop double cleaning door-to-door services such as lithium battery export to France, customs declaration and commodity inspection. For lithium battery products, including lithium ion batteries, lithium metal batteries, lithium ion batteries installed in equipment, lithium ion batteries packaged with equipment, and other lithium battery export to France, we provide you with a one-stop full process international transportation scheme for lithium battery export to France.

With regard to the export of lithium batteries to France, battery manufacturers and business partners should pay attention to the following points:
1. Lithium batteries are exported to France by sea and air, and should be exported as dangerous goods.
2. Lithium battery belongs to Class IX dangerous goods, which requires Class II packaging. First of all, if you are a manufacturer, you need to go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau to file a battery, and you also need to apply for a dangerous package certificate. The dangerous package certificate requires the carton factory to first issue a result sheet of the packaging performance of dangerous goods, and the battery product classification identification certificate (which is also done in the Commodity Inspection Bureau) to go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau to apply for a dangerous package certificate.
3. The materials required for exit inspection application are similar to those for ordinary goods, but there is only one more filing form. However, the requirements of local commodity inspection bureaus may be slightly deviated. It is recommended that you consult the commodity inspection bureaus, and the results published by the commodity inspection bureaus shall prevail.
4.In addition, when lithium batteries are exported to France, whether by sea or air, UN38.3 reports are required, and MSDS is also required for sea transportation.

Customers who need to export lithium batteries to France and international logistics transportation of batteries can consult Top Bull online customer service. Or for the enterprises and manufacturers whose certificates are not complete for lithium battery export to France, we can help them to handle the dangerous package certificate, performance certificate, MSDS and other certificates, so as to help customers transport to France in compliance. We timely feed back the cargo information to customers in the most effective way, and the professional operation process ensures that customers have no worries about the whole process of consigned cargo!