Button cell exports to Italy

We Top Bull specialize in one-stop door-to-door DDP services such as shipping/air transportation, customs declaration, and commodity inspection for button cell exports, and provide you with a safe and convenient transportation plan for button cell exports to Italy, saving you transportation costs.

Button cell also known as button battery, refers to a battery with the shape like a small button. Generally speaking, it is larger in diameter and thinner in thickness; Button cell classifies batteries according to their appearance, and the corresponding batteries are classified into columnar batteries, square batteries and special-shaped batteries. The more common button cell batteries are AG3, AG10 and AG13 used for toys and gifts. The battery model on the computer motherboard is CR2032, which is used for CR2025 in electronic dictionaries and CR2016 or SR44 and SR626 on electronic watches.

Customs declaration process and precautions for button battery export to Italy:
1. Customs declaration generally includes the following four links: declaration, inspection, taxation and release.
2. For smooth customs clearance, please fill in the specific name, accessories and materials of the goods, not just the words "accessories" or "samples".
3. The sender should fill in the full name. The sender must sign the waybill and fill in the actual delivery date.
4. The terms of the express waybill contract (the scope of responsibility, the maximum amount of liability insurance, and the difficult items) are indicated on the back of the waybills of major express delivery companies.
5. At present, all ports have realized paperless customs declaration process. The client has prepared electronic documents in PDF format. The documents are required to be clear, complete and have the official seal of the business unit. As the paperless commodity inspection by the customs also requires normal declaration, it is necessary to provide the power of attorney for inspection and the bill of lading. If it is a legally inspected commodity, it is also necessary to provide the paperless customs clearance process of the original certificate of origin, the dynamic inspection certificate after the plant inspection certificate and other foreign original certificates.
6. Stamp the customs release seal on the D/O sheet on site

Customers who need to export button batteries to Italy and international logistics transportation of batteries can consult Top Bull online customer service. Or for the enterprises and manufacturers whose certificates are not complete for the export of button batteries to Italy, we can help them to handle the dangerous package certificate, performance certificate, MSDS and other certificates, so as to help customers transport to the UK in compliance with regulations. We timely feed back the cargo information to customers in the most effective way, and the professional operation process ensures that customers have no worries about the whole process of consigned cargo!